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The Wondrous Art of Giving Which is Beyond Giving

Give without thought of merit, for the sake of planting the seeds of liberation from karmic obstructions in others. Continue reading

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Zazen 101: Form & Formless Intention

Zazen is somewhat exacting in terms of form. It’s not easy to do full lotus with hands perched in the enlightenment mudra for 30, 45 minutes or an hour. And it’s also true that the physical posture alone with a certain focus on breathing does not equate to doing zazen. I’m going to make an argument in this post. That is that the intention of zazen, the Bodhisattva Vow, is formless, and as such makes zazen zazen. The form of it isn’t formless from the standpoint of reason, but the form of this special kind of intention is not really like other intentions…. Continue reading

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Nirvana by Chariot

How to get to Nirvana from wherever you are…by chariot. Continue reading

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