Meditation Corner: UPDATE

Once there are are 30+ subscribers, I will release the 1st Meditation Corner class post on the blog. The open part of the blog will be almost strictly on Zazen meditation and is primarily aimed at beginners. This class will be open to all subscribers and with no limit. I will answer as many comments as seems practical given my time considerations.

From blog subscribers who express an interest and who have actively commented (no matter how briefly), I will select up to about 10 or so for the private password-protected Qi Gong class. My selection criteria is based on what I can ascertain about the intentions of the candidates in terms of their personal goals.

My reasoning for the screening process on the Qi Gong class:

After long consideration, I can’t let just anyone into the Qi Gong class… My intention with doing this class at all is primarily to empower those whom I feel are ready internally to give back to others and help transform the world, you might say. To say more on that would be to create unnecessary problems for everyone, so it is imperative I be somewhat careful in this matter.

Those subscribers who have expressed an interest and who are selected for the Qi Gong class are asked NOT to give out the password you receive. Doing so will invalidate the password and require a new one be given out, and possibly someone will be then eliminated to avoid further problems. Also, participation is not a license to teach others, even for free as I myself will be doing here.

So if you’re interested in either class, please remember that the Qi Gong is only open to those who’ve participated heavily in the Zazen class, and only subscribers will likely be able to view the Qi Gong class (if selected, that is). And again, I won’t post the first Zazen post until the subscribers reach 30 or more people.



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An American Soto Zen practitioner.
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