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I will be attempting to conduct a class here (on a trial basis) via blog posts and post comments. It may not be for everyone. I am addressing my efforts to those who feel that they may benefit. I ask only for the same respect for myself and those who engage here that each participant would accord him or her self.

I will also be addressing these following topics via blog posts series:

1) Specifically “Zen” (Soto) Practice

2) Coping with Earth Changes

(according to a holistic approach I will be using, which draws from numerous other traditions outside Zen and Mahayana Buddhism that I have researched and still am researching…)

3) The meditation series already mentioned atop this post.\The meditatition series itself will be both partly on Zazen, as well as sometimes on a special variant of Qi Gong which has proven itself to me over long years of use, and which I have recently begun to intensify to deal with the unsettling elements of the Earth Changes environment. I may expand this at a later time, but for the purposes of practicality, I probably won’t.

Trial Basis

I may have to guage participation on the first series (on meditation, #3 in the list above) before attempting to carry out the other two series. I will tolerate all sincere, reasonable comments and interaction on this blog and on the series in question, but if I block a commenter for unkind and blatantly disrespectful behavior, I’m afraid that’s the last time they’ll be making an appearance on this blog via comments. I do this only to support the sincere, not to punish the offender…because the sincere should not be punished for making an effort.

At some point, I may accept donations on this blog to help me to continue through what would otherwise me time working for my livelihood. At no time will donations be mandatory for access to this blog or the series outlined above. All beings may partake at no cost, at will, if sincere. This will not change for as long as the series and this blog persist. At some point, however, I will, however, most likely require participants to subscribe in order to view the blog and thus to comment. This will not affect the no-cost policy. Nothing weird here, just trying to keep it real for the sincere. And as always, I will be keeping my personal details to a blank minimum. No identifying information about myself or others will be released or permitted on this blog unless the user wishes it to be released, and only according to my own discretion and best judgement.

Why Am I Doing This?

Because I feel that I should, especially now, try to give away what I know to those who will accept it. I also would look forward to learning something from participants in the process myself. I certainly welcome that.

Well that’s about it for now.

I humbly dedicate this merit to all beings. May they use it to work toward their own ultimate enlightenment as I seek to do, for the sake of all beings who need their help, and with no gaining idea.



Please subscribe to this blog via email (top right) to get sincere and hopefully helpful answers to your questions and share in a small community of like minded people trying to help the Earth and each other through a tough time.



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An American Soto Zen practitioner.
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